Conservation planning and management

Conservation planning and management

EcoKnowledge has the expertise to deliver restoration and conservation management programs at any scale.

A variety of threatened species and landscapes will only survive if degraded environments are restored. EcoKnowledge can aid in the development of robust conservation management plans that are based on the latest scientific knowledge and best management practices.

Scalable programs
EcoKnowledge implements restoration and conservation management programs across a wide range of environments. Projects may vary in scope from property-scale to landscape-scale. Our involvement ranges from undertaking on-ground works and pest management, to ensuring plans comply with relevant legislation, to optimising broad-scale biodiversity outcomes using decision-support tools.

Specialty services
EcoKnowledge’s service delivery includes:

  • development of management plans and action plans for terrestrial, aquatic and estuarine environments
  • project management covering all aspects of restoration and conservation
  • assurance that all action plans and on-ground works comply with relevant local, state and federal legislation
  • advice on broad-scale optimal landscape restoration strategies that consider native species viability using analytical and conceptual decision-support tools
  • on-ground works such as woody weed control and revegetation
  • the design of broad-scale pest management strategies, together with monitoring strategies that connect pest densities with impact for improving and adapting management
  • development and implementation of effective weed management strategies.

Demonstrated expertise
Previous EcoKnowledge projects include:

  • development of an Action Plan for Brookfield Conservation Park and Aroona Sanctuary, Flinders Ranges
  • development of a current Action Plan for Aroona Sanctuary
  • provision of technical and conservation planning advice for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources SA Bounceback project
  • involvement in developing the Bungala Estuary Action Plan
  • project management of over 2000 hectares of conservation revegetation works in South Australia
  • ongoing property-level monitoring of revegetation on the Fleurieu Peninsula
  • weed control using minimal disturbance techniques.